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Apex-Brasil works to attract investments that might contribute for the development of technological innovations and new business models, strenghtening industrial supply chains, and impacting directly on national job generation, while improving the volume and diversity of Brazilian exports.




Apex-Brasil offers customized services to foreign companies aimed at establishing a productive investment in Brazil, in order to exploit the opportunities in the country. The Agency supports these companies by providing information about the market and the business environment, the approach with agencies and public and private entities at federal, state and municipal level, identifying potential national partners and supporting the process of finding the location for the investment in Brazil.


Besides supporting these companies by providing information on market and business environment, the Agency also identifies potential national partners, supports the process for site location in Brazil, as well as encourage companies’ approach with public and private entities at federal, state and municipal level.


Apex-Brasil also supports venture capital investors in the identification of investment opportunities in Brazilian startups and companies that can contribute to the development of national supply chains, enhance innovation and increase exports. Moreover, the Agency promotes local funds partnership with foreign institutional investors.


The Agency has a qualified, client-oriented team, providing high quality and tailor-made services , able to adapt their scope and direction to meet the specific demands of investors. Thus, the Apex-Brasil team is able to provide customized service for foreign companies, private equity/venture capital investors (LPs), Brazilian companies and startups. Our main services, according to the target audience are:


For Foreign Companies


Apex-Brasil supports foreign companies aimed at investing in Brazil by establishing production plants and providing services in the country.


  • Providing Information about Brazil
  • Business environment
  • Economic data and projections
  • Various setup costs
  • General information on rules and regulations
  • Information about regulatory agencies.
  • Sector and market Information Provided
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Attractiveness of different industry sectors
  • Market Size and characteristics
  • Overview of supply chains
  • Identification of competitors, potential partners and suppliers;
  • Support on site location for the investment project
  • Guidance on the best potential regions to receive the investment project according to its characteristics
  • Organization of agendas for meetings in states and municipalities all over the country
  • Networking with public and private entities at federal, state and municipal level


For foreign investment funds


Apex-Brasil’s support to foreign Investment funds and individual investors seeking opportunities of Brazilian companies and startups for venture capital allocation, we offer the following products:


  • Participation in investments rounds in Brazil and abroad, in which Brazilian companies and startups present their projects and businesses models to receive venture capital.
  • Customized contact with Brazilian companies and startups according to the investment fund needs.
  • Connection with national funds managers as an alternative to entering the venture capital and private equity market in Brazil.
  • Information on the dynamics of venture capital and private equity industry in Brazil


For Brazilian Companies


Apex-Brasil supports Brazilian companies seeking to receive venture capital investments as a way to leverage its growth through the following:


  • Support to their business plan development focusing on attracting investments in venture capital for innovative and sustainable Brazilian companies with export potential and internationalization plan.
  • Participation in the coaching process in which representatives of companies refine their project according to the investors needs.
  • Organization of investments rounds between Brazilian companies and national and international investors, in Brazil and abroad.


For Brazilian Startups


Apex-Brasil supports nascent Brazilian companies - startups - in his maturation process through closer ties with foreign investors and also in supporting missions to the Silicon Valley, the main hub of innovation in the world.


  • Preparation of startups through pitch training to participate in Demo Days and other similar events to present their business model for foreign investors.
  • Organization of Demo Days and other events abroad to bring closer startups and international investors.
  • Provision of Co-working Office in San Francisco for Brazilian startups interested in accessing the innovation ecosystem in San Francisco, as well as organizing networking agenda in the Valley.




Solve your main doubts about how to invest in Brazil by accessing our FAQs and also learn more in our Investment Guide to Brasil 2014


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Apex-Brasil’s team is always ready to answer your questions and provide the information and support you need.


For more details on our services or general inquiries about investments in Brazil, contact us today by the email: investinbrasil@apexbrasil.com.br or by phone (+55 61) 3426-0202




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